2020 Surftag Australian Series

Northern Beaches Surftag Qualifier
25th January - Curl Curl Beach

Newcastle Surftag Qualifier
8th & 9th February - Merewether Beach

Wollongong Surftag Qualifier
22nd & 23rd February - Stanwell Park Beach

QLD & Northern NSW Qualifier
29th Feb & 1st March - Duranbah Beach

Surftag Australian Championships
4th & 5th April - Queenscliff Beach, Sydney

North Narrabeen Boardriders. Images Credit - Bernadette McAlinden North Narrabeen Boardriders. Images Credit - Bernadette McAlinden

Maroubra United Win FISHBOWL Surftag Australian Championships


North Narrabeen Win Sixth Women's Australian Title



Maroubra United Boardriders have won their first FISHBOWL Surftag Australian Title in huge waves at Sydney's South Curl Curl Beach. The Maroubra team (23.27) finished ahead of Queenscliff (15.73), North Narrabeen (13.30) and North Avalon (11.53) in the 30 minute Final which provided plenty of drama due to the victory at sea conditions.

Maroubra's team of Monty Tait (14.37), Max McGuigan (1.8), Jake Scott (3.57), Jackson Giles (0.37), Troy Van Vliet (0.17) and Blake Thornton (Surfed Day 1) dominated the decider with first surfer Tait scoring a 4.17 and 5.10 Powerwave, which was the highest two wave total in the Final (14.37). Tait was the standout surfer on the day winning the Rhondda Harrison Surfer of the Series Award with an overall average of 5.84 for all waves ridden throughout the NSW and Australian Championships.

Tait couldn't wait to take the winners trophy back to Maroubra and celebrate with members of the club, "This is huge for the club we haven't won anything since the Groms", Tait said. "My game plan was just to do one big turn and I got lucky as a few of the other guys fell so it pretty much was that one turn won the whole thing".

With conditions starting of flat in the morning and the contest being put On Hold till 12.40pm the Surftag Format was reduced to 30 minute heats with each surfer catching one wave as well as one nominated surfer per team having a Powerwave. The reduced format resulted in teams needing to change tactics throughout the afternoon as conditions picked up with eight to ten foot sets breaking well before the take-off zone. With most waves closing out it was tough for competitors to find a wave that allowed any scoring potential, paddling out the back and duck diving soaked up plenty of their allocated time. Queenscliff's Tom Lane paddled for 15 minutes being pounded by white water and eventually had to turn around and stand up on a foamy wave to come in.

Queenscliff's Ben Penny excelled in the chunky conditions with the stylish natural footer locking in a 7 point ride which put QBC into second position. The runner-up finish is Queenscliff's best result in the FISHBOWL Surftag Australian Series since winning the Inaugural Title in 2001.

North Narrabeen were the team to beat going into the final with Jordy Lawler posting some big numbers in the earlier rounds, his best wave being a 9.17. It was a slow Final for North Narrabeen with Cooper Chapman falling off going for a huge floater and when Jordy Lawler was unable to find any open faced waves the final was starting to run out of time. North Avalon also ran out of time with their fourth and fifth surfers Rob and Billy Bain sprinting up and down the beach only having time to ride foamy waves on the inside and then return to the tag line for Bonus Points.

In the Women's Division North Narrabeen (19.17) held on for a narrow victory over North Shelly (18.30) with Corina McGiure almost getting the job done on her last wave which fell less than a point short of the score required. Cronulla Girls Boardriders (14.03) finished in third position with Cabarita (10.40) finishing fourth in their first year competing in the FISHBOWL Surftag Australian Series.

The North Narrabeen team of Elle Northey (12.37), Sophia Chapman (2.23), Claudia Haworth (0.63), Tiana Reid (1.03), Carly Maudson (0.90) and Laura Enever (Surfed Day 1) secured the clubs sixth Australian Title since the Women's Division was introduced in 2008.

2019 FISHBOWL Surftag QLD Championships

3rdNorth Narrabeen11.53
4thNorth Avalon59.40
6thNorth Shelly
7thSnapper Rocks
11thQueenscliff 2
12thCurl Curl
16thWerri Beach
17thUlladulla 2
18thVeteran Surfers

2019 FISHBOWL Surftag Women's QLD Championships

1stNorth Narrabeen18.30
2ndNorth Shelly48.07
3rdCronulla Girls14.03
7thWerri Beach
8thSandon Point

Rhondda Harrison Surfer of the Series

1stMonty Tait (MU)5.84
2ndJordy Lawler (NN)5.38
3rdMax McGuigan (MU)5.21
4thCooper Chapman (NN)5.08
5thJake Scott (MU)4.12
6thKai Warner (NN)3.82

The 2019 FISHBOWL Surftag Australian Series is a proud supporter of Lifeline. Lifeline provides all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.

2019 FISHBOWL Surftag Australian Series

NSW Qualifier - 9 & 10 March
Wollongong (Woonona - Stanwell Park)

QLD Qualifier - 14 April
Duranbah Beach, Tweed Heads

Australian Championships - 10 & 11 May
Queenscliff Beach, Sydney. (WA, SA & VIC Boardriding Clubs invited to compete)


The 2019 FISHBOWL Surftag Australian Series is proudly supported by Swellnet.

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Phone: 0403 180 787